Self-Love Charcuterie Board

Food is my love language, how about you?

Show yourself some love this Valentine's with a vegan charcuterie for one (or for two, if you feel like sharing).

Here's what I put in this one:

❤ melted chocolate “fondue” (add a little vegan cream to keep it melted and soft for longer)

❤ things for dipping like pretzel sticks, strawberries, and raspberries

❤ some vegan heart-shaped cookies I found

❤ sour candy

❤ popcorn

❤ “meat rose” made with vegan deli slices (use a champagne or narrow wine glass to layer the slices––each slice should be half in the cup and half out of the cup, then gently remove the rose from the glass once you have at least 4 full layers)

❤ vegan cheese cut with a heart cookie cutter

❤ crackers

❤ some extra chocolate, bc of course

You can add whatever you'd like and get creative with the layout. Making charcuterie boards is so relaxing to me!

Lots of love,