Earthy Ice Cubes | Edible Flower and Herb Ice Cubes For Drinks

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Want to fancy up your drinks this summer? Add in some edible flowers, herbs, fruit, and peppers!

I made this batch with edible flowers, herbs, blueberries, and chili peppers from the garden for all kinds of drinks - fancy sparkling water, cocktails, mocktails, juices, etc. ⁣Some of my fav edible flowers and herbs used in these: fennel flower, dill flower, marigold flowers, pink honeysuckle, lavender, rosemary, mint, and mint flowers.

I spent a magical warm summer evening picking away as fireflies flew all around me ✨⁣ I'm in awe of nature (and pretty drinks) always.⁣

Head over to my IGTV below to see me make them using Adoric eco-friendly cube and spherical ice trays 💫⁣

Much love,