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Hey there, Sunshine!

I'm Ashley, the face behind Forkprint.


With a passion for sustainability, food, and wellness, I created Forkprint as a place to inspire people to live and eat more consciously.


Forkprint's working to blast plant-based living into the mainstream. We're here to challenge the stigmas about it and show you just how insanely good and easy it can be. Check out some of our recipes, food hacks, lifestyle inspo, and feel-good essentials to try out in your routine.


So... What's with the name?! Well, you've probably heard of the term "ecological footprint." This is essentially one's individual impact on the environment taking all lifestyle choices into consideration, like driving or cycling to work every day, for example. Forkprint is the impact you're creating through your food choices – the impact on both your body and the world around you.


So let's get to work... and make a damn good Forkprint.


Ashley's background

Holistic Nutrition

Master of Science in Sustainable Cities

Concentration: Sustainable Food Planning and Urban Nutrition


Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)

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